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Holistic therapy and healing with Rebecca and Mark. Reiki, Bowen, Canine Bowen and Animal Acupuncture near Stamford, UK

The Bowen technique is a gentle form of bodywork, developed in Australia during the 1950's and 1960's by the late Tom Bowen.

Bowen is an extremely versatile therapy with many procedures available that can be applied to different situations depending on the needs of the individual. For example, we may need to conduct the hamstring procedure or we may need to address your pelvic alignment depending on the problems you are experiencing. 

Ultimately the technique helps the body to balance and re-align itself on many levels, it is truly holistic in that we might be treating something very specific but this will also have an impact upon other difficulties that you are experiencing.

The results experienced with Bowen are often remarkable, sometimes even after the first session.

Bowen works on skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. A Bowen treatment will also address deeper levels of the body including fascia and the skeleton. These moves work directly with the body's fascia and send signals via your nervous system which helps your body retrieve its memory of a relaxed and balanced state of being. 

Sessions are gentle and non invasive. Bowen moves are made over specific points of the body either on the skin or through light clothing with frequent pauses giving the body time  to benefit from each set of mevements. Treatment is suitable for all age groups and many pregnant women have benefited from Bowen. Bowen can be performed on babies, children and even animals such as horses and dogs and cats.

By working on the muscles and fascia together we can affect the way the body structure works. The fascia is the sheet of connective tissue that covers the structures of the body responsible for your posture and allows flexibility and movement between various parts of the body.  For example, correcting the way we hold our spine will help you adopt a less painful posture.

Rebecca is a member of the Bowen Association UK. Practitioners have to adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, are fully trained in the Bowen Technique, hold an Anatomy and Physiology qualification, first aid certificate and undergo postgraduate training.