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Holistic therapy and healing with Rebecca and Mark. Reiki, Bowen, Canine Bowen and Animal Acupuncture near Stamford, UK


"I have had back problems for more than ten years, with one particularly extreme episode a couple of years ago which resulted in me taking several weeks off work.  Normally my back problem is not so debilitating but I continually have stiffness and discomfort if I sit or stand for extended periods and I have to think carefully about lifting.  It was suggested that I may find some relief/comfort if I had Reiki.

Nothing to lose!

So I had my first Reiki session, with a small degree of skepticism as I am generally a scientific and logical person.  The experience was very calming and relaxing (I have to admit I think I fell asleep – sorry Rebecca).  After that first session I had a two hour drive.  Normally after such a non stop journey I would have to unfold myself from the driver’s seat – this time I stepped from the car with ease.  I have now had a number of sessions and each time it is very enjoyable and relaxing, worth it for the experience itself, but with the added bonus that I am going to the gym and gardening with a level of confidence that I will not regret it later.

Thank You Rebecca."

Carl, Welwyn Garden City