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Holistic therapy and healing with Rebecca and Mark. Reiki, Bowen, Canine Bowen and Animal Acupuncture near Stamford, UK


"Teddy is a happy little dog and we enjoy his sessions.  Teddy became very stressed and scared when we moved into our new house and also a new puppy being introduced, I think to much was going on at once, which caused the stress and anxiety to begin.  He started to bark at everything that moved especially cars, people and dogs which started to become a nightmare walking him, he also began to start licking excessively.  I saw at the vets that they did Reiki sessions, which helps stress and anxiety so thought i would try it to see if it would help.

Teddy now goes to Reiki on a regular basis of every 4-8 weeks, and the results have been amazing!!  He no longer barks on the walks, walking past people cars and dogs with no problem.  Teddy has also become much more relaxed in his own home and has stropped licking excessively.  I couldn't believe how quickly you could see the change. 

Teddy loves going to reiki and really enjoys it, he also loves seeing Rebecca.
I can't thank Rebecca enough for her help. "

Jasmin, Lincolnshire