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Holistic therapy and healing with Rebecca and Mark. Reiki, Bowen, Canine Bowen and Animal Acupuncture near Stamford, UK


"I have always loved the treat of a massage, especially as I tend to suffer neck, shoulder and back pain, but I had never heard of or experienced Reiki. I found it hard to believe that any good could be done without the “pummelling” and “cracking” that a chiropractor or masseuse uses. However I like to think that I have an open mind, so thought I’d give it a go.

As soon as I entered Rebecca’s Reiki room I felt the comfort and warmth — it is like a little haven where you escape the world for a while. The warmth, soothing coolness and pleasant sensations I felt were quite unexpected. I could feel the tension and discomfort moving up the back of my neck and head, towards Rebecca’s gentle hands, even though she was barely touching me. The feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing was beautiful and over my whole body the different areas responded as if my worries and pain were being drawn out of me. 

I had no sense of time and felt no need to worry about anything, but I did feel as if my body was telling me I should take better care of myself, by drawing my attention to the areas that were tense. Too much time spent worrying about everyone and everything was having a negative effect on me physically and mentally. That evening and the next day my neck and shoulders were tender as if a burly masseur had been working on my muscles and drawn the tension out, but Rebecca had applied no pressure. I cannot explain it, but I can vouch for the fact that it made me feel relaxed, good about life and even good about myself!

Thank you Rebecca"

Pam, Ely, Cambs