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My dog Hector had major surgery on his leg, which we had to be very careful with until it healed.  I booked him some Reiki sessions to give him every possible chance to save his leg; I was very pleased with the results, his healing has been very good and all check ups were very positive with excellent progress and healing.  I also had to keep Hector crated away from our other dogs (his best friends) for 6 weeks as he was allowed very minimal use of his leg.  As he had only been crated for a week at 8 weeks, and he is now 8 months and very lively, I was very concerned about this, I found Reiki very helpful, as it kept him calm and stopped him getting distressed, and made the 6 weeks a lot easier for him and us.  He also loves going to the sessions and goes straight to the car whenever he goes out hoping to go.  I feel it has been very beneficial to his healing and mental state,and Hector is now running around, happy and back with his friends."

Patience, Lincolnshire