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Hugo our 9 year old chocolate Labrador was suffering badly unable to walk far and had become withdrawn and unhappy, he was on painkillers and anti-inflammatories daily which didn’t seem to work.

Rebecca was recommended to us by friends and despite our reservations about ‘alternative’ therapies we booked her in to see him in about June 2018.

In this time Hugo has become his old self, bouncy wanting to play all the time (despite the fact he’s now 11!) and enjoying his walks. He is so much happier doesn’t limp and has been off his medicines since January 2019.

He sees Rebecca every 5/6 weeks and seeing how he has changed in that time is amazing. He is relaxed and happy to see her and we can’t thank her enough. As mentioned Hugo is now 11 and people comment on how active he is for his age thinking he must be younger.

Whilst every dog is different for us it has been quite remarkable and we have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to you.

Ian & Angela, Huntingdon

Rebecca really helped with my dogs anxiety and he really benefited from it. Rebecca is such an intuitive practitioner and really knows about dogs and how to help them.

Heather, Peterborough

Really recommend Rebecca, my dogs love having Canine Bowen with her.

Caroline, Rutland

Yesterday’s session was beyond amazing. I have felt such a huge shift. I always feel amazing after seeing you but this time felt deeper, longer lasting and I just wanted you to know that I am extremely grateful to have you!!

Hayley, Oakham

I recently had the honour of doing my Reiki 1 (Shoden) training with Rebecca. She created a warm, welcoming environment in which to learn, and made the whole weekend of learning perfectly delightful. Added bonus was the opportunity to practice animal reiki on her adorable pets, Jon, Clara and Grace. I am already inspired to do my Reiki 2 with her!

Kari-ann, Peterborough

Rebecca hosted a wonderful Reiki 1 (Shoden) training weekend. Her teaching was clear, heartfelt and impressively well organised. I felt in very competent hands. She provided wholesome food and a really supportive and comfortable environment. I would definitely recommend! Well done Rebecca and thank-you! Reiki 2 here we come! :D xxx

Kate, Stamford

Had Reiki with Rebecca earlier this week. Amazing! Has really helped me with a very difficult time. I would highly recommend her.

Caroline, Oakham


Our mature Labrador is beginning to struggle a little through the inevitable aging process. My aim is to assist him in growing old gracefully allowing him to continue enjoying life. Peace Heal Love are 2 very special individuals who understand that your pet is family. Our boy is receiving Acupuncture. Mark is very knowledgeable and professional, he easily puts pet and owner at ease. Mark takes the time to get to know his patients and works with them to get the session done. His kind and gentle nature oozes allowing him to build a rapport with you pet. The sessions are calm, relaxed and in the comfort of your own home. No stress of traveling or a strange places, creating an excellent environment for your pet to receive therapy. If your interested in your pet receiving acupuncture then get in touch. Remember they work with your pet and only do as much as your pet wants. They are honest and give you feedback on what they feel will work. Acupuncture is minimally invasive (very small fine needles)/non traumatic used for a variety of pets with varying results over sessions. With this in mind there is really nothing to loose in giving it a try. It aided my boy to have his walking holiday in wales! It reduced his limping and under vet guidance were able to lower medication. 2 exceptional individuals who I would not hesitate to have treat any of my animals

Hayley, Peterborough


I went to Rebecca with problems of stiffness in my hands and arms and the improvement is considerable, she even managed to sort out my hot flushes!

Denise, Stamford


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!!
I can’t rate these guys highly enough. Mark is a legend! 
He has worked miracles with my 12-year-old collie cross, Lennon. 
I’d give six stars if I could for the service we’ve received. 
I’d recommend Peace Heal Love in a heartbeat.

Mark, Peterborough


Dear Rebecca
I just wanted to say ( again!) just how absolutely amazing you and Reiki have made me feel.
Dusted off, whole again ready to face the world is a good description, but mostly I feel capable and able. 
My anxiety has gone and I  feel calmer.
Honestly, thank you a million times.

Hayley xx, Stamford


Many thanks Rebecca for the recent Bowen treatment on Sally (16yr old Springer Spaniel); she is so much more comfortable and stable on her legs. 
Bowen technique has taught ME to look and learn from Sally what her needs are.
It took you to come along and interpret her for me. Her zest for life has never diminished: you have now helped her with the quality of life. 
True animal lovers, want the best and kindest thing for our pets; Bowen has helped to give us both a better understanding. Once again many thanks for your gentle handling and application of your profession. All the best, Stella & Sally Who says "Woof,Woof".xxxx

Stella, Stamford


Really lovely relaxing experience and this treatment really works, I have a physical job and since finding Rebecca to help treat my back and neck life is so much more comfortable... Sleeping better and recovering faster I can not recommended this enough.

Stacey, Market Deeping


We can't believe the noticeable difference in our doodle, Alfie, when Mark visits him in our own home. Alfie is so much calmer and relaxed - he trusts Mark and is responding so well to his treatment. Mark is kindhearted and listens closely, both to Alfie and us. I have recommend Mark and Peace. Heal. Love. to my friends and family and shall happily continue to do so.

Suzie, Ashwell

"Teddy is a happy little dog and we enjoy his sessions.  Teddy became very stressed and scared when we moved into our new house and also a new puppy being introduced, I think to much was going on at once, which caused the stress and anxiety to begin.  He started to bark at everything that moved especially cars, people and dogs which started to become a nightmare walking him, he also began to start licking excessively.  I saw at the vets that they did Reiki sessions, which helps stress and anxiety so thought i would try it to see if it would help.

Teddy now goes to Reiki on a regular basis of every 4-8 weeks, and the results have been amazing!!  He no longer barks on the walks, walking past people cars and dogs with no problem.  Teddy has also become much more relaxed in his own home and has stropped licking excessively.  I couldn't believe how quickly you could see the change. 

Teddy loves going to reiki and really enjoys it, he also loves seeing Rebecca.
I can't thank Rebecca enough for her help. "

Jasmin, Lincolnshire


My dog Hector had major surgery on his leg, which we had to be very careful with until it healed.  I booked him some Reiki sessions to give him every possible chance to save his leg; I was very pleased with the results, his healing has been very good and all check ups were very positive with excellent progress and healing.  I also had to keep Hector crated away from our other dogs (his best friends) for 6 weeks as he was allowed very minimal use of his leg.  As he had only been crated for a week at 8 weeks, and he is now 8 months and very lively, I was very concerned about this, I found Reiki very helpful, as it kept him calm and stopped him getting distressed, and made the 6 weeks a lot easier for him and us.  He also loves going to the sessions and goes straight to the car whenever he goes out hoping to go.  I feel it has been very beneficial to his healing and mental state,and Hector is now running around, happy and back with his friends."

Patience, Lincolnshire

"My sons dog Molly has now had three sessions of Reiki and it has made a real difference to both of our lives.

During the first session, we sat on the floor and she settled down leaning against my leg.  I was a little amazed that she remained still and that she did not lick which is her normal behaviour when in the presence of strangers.  Two days after her first session my son (to whom Molly actually belongs) came to see us and remarked how "chilled" she seemed.  He was unaware that we had been for Reiki.  By the third session, Molly chose to actually have contact with Rebecca and laid down next to her leaning against her and went to sleep, this in itself is a real milestone for Molly.  At home, she does seem a little more relaxed and certainly more so when we are out walking, although we still go to remote areas where we unlikely to incur others."

Doreen, Lincolnshire

"I have had back problems for more than ten years, with one particularly extreme episode a couple of years ago which resulted in me taking several weeks off work.  Normally my back problem is not so debilitating but I continually have stiffness and discomfort if I sit or stand for extended periods and I have to think carefully about lifting.  It was suggested that I may find some relief/comfort if I had Reiki.

Nothing to lose!

So I had my first Reiki session, with a small degree of skepticism as I am generally a scientific and logical person.  The experience was very calming and relaxing (I have to admit I think I fell asleep – sorry Rebecca).  After that first session I had a two hour drive.  Normally after such a non stop journey I would have to unfold myself from the driver’s seat – this time I stepped from the car with ease.  I have now had a number of sessions and each time it is very enjoyable and relaxing, worth it for the experience itself, but with the added bonus that I am going to the gym and gardening with a level of confidence that I will not regret it later.

Thank You Rebecca."

Carl, Welwyn Garden City

"I have always loved the treat of a massage, especially as I tend to suffer neck, shoulder and back pain, but I had never heard of or experienced Reiki. I found it hard to believe that any good could be done without the “pummelling” and “cracking” that a chiropractor or masseuse uses. However I like to think that I have an open mind, so thought I’d give it a go.

As soon as I entered Rebecca’s Reiki room I felt the comfort and warmth — it is like a little haven where you escape the world for a while. The warmth, soothing coolness and pleasant sensations I felt were quite unexpected. I could feel the tension and discomfort moving up the back of my neck and head, towards Rebecca’s gentle hands, even though she was barely touching me. The feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing was beautiful and over my whole body the different areas responded as if my worries and pain were being drawn out of me. 

I had no sense of time and felt no need to worry about anything, but I did feel as if my body was telling me I should take better care of myself, by drawing my attention to the areas that were tense. Too much time spent worrying about everyone and everything was having a negative effect on me physically and mentally. That evening and the next day my neck and shoulders were tender as if a burly masseur had been working on my muscles and drawn the tension out, but Rebecca had applied no pressure. I cannot explain it, but I can vouch for the fact that it made me feel relaxed, good about life and even good about myself!

Thank you Rebecca"

Pam, Ely, Cambs

"Your Reiki has definitely helped me . Enormous thanks Si X", 


"I have suffered all my adult life with various health problems with Rheumatoid Arthritis being the main problem. I have learnt over the years that a positive attitude and listening to my body are as much help as all my medication and operations.

The peace and relaxation that Rebecca and her Reiki sessions have given me are now part of my life and help me face the difficulties I face day after day.

On low days I now know there is Rebecca and her Reiki to help me cope with the pain, and give me the strength I need to enjoy my life and keep going forward.

Thank you Rebecca for your love and light."

Diane, Peterborough

"Rebecca has an understanding and empathetic approach to her therapy. She immediately put me at ease when discussing my case, formulating and communicating a clear plan of treatments and explained which benefits each move could bring.

During her treatment sessions Rebecca is calm and sympathetic to the inevitable ups and downs of a chronic painful condition, she adapts my treatment plan depending on how I feel and where I may have aggravated my condition.

It is a common occurrence during a therapy session with Rebecca to feel many sensations following moves, I have felt numerous releases of tension and a relaxing of muscles. I have also noticed a change in my posture after Bowen therapy; I stand much straighter, with better and more even balance. This change in posture makes standing during work much more bearable and much less painful.

Thank you!"

Mark, Stamford